Daisy Curbeon is a pioneering hair stylist, salon owner, former fashion model, and innovator of a couture line of hair designs and home furnishings called The Curbeon Look.

Daisy’s career has stretched from Baltimore to leading salons in New York and from the film lots of Hollywood to the stage shows of Grammy winners. Her creations have appeared in the pages of Time, Essence, Vogue, Elle and Allure magazines, and millions have seen the Curbeon Look on the big screen

As a young girl, Daisy spent many hours in her grandmother’s salon in Baltimore. By age 12, Daisy was doing perms for customers. In the late 1970s, she moved to New York to launch a modeling career and attend Wilfred Academy, where she studied styling, cutting, coloring, and relaxing. At Christine Valmay, she learned the art of facials, and worked at Hair Styling by Joseph, a leading salon on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

She then moved to Lagos, Nigeria, where she opened a salon, which was among the poshest in Africa. The salon became a continental hit frequented by royalty and the wives of heads of state.

A year later, Daisy returned to New York, where she earned a place in fashion history. She bought a salon at 16th Street and 6th Avenue. Essence editors sent a model with just a few strands of hair to Daisy, who fitted her with a wig and sent her back to Essence with The Curbeon Look – one easily mistaken for a full head of natural hair.


The Curbeon Look employed a patented and trademarked “Basket Weave,” a strand-by-strand technique of concentric circles of plaits woven so tightly that they formed a skull cap that fit securely on the head. Among the stars who sought the “Look” were Roberta Flack, Cissy Houston and Sarah Dash.

Daisy opened a Park Avenue salon. Among her clients are Diana Ross, Angela Basset, Pam Grier, Phylicia Rashad, Shania Twain and Paula Patton. She also manufactured hats of woven hair. The hats consist of lengths of braided hair and stitched together on a sewing machine.

Her television work includes Rosie Perez’s hair for “HBO Subway Stories” and hair styling for “Saturday Night Live,” “The Chris Rock Show,” “Good Morning America,”Guiding Light,” “As the World Turns,” and “All My Children.” She did makeovers and hair styling for the “RIcki Lake Show,” and “The Tyra Banks Show,” and hair styling for ABC, NBC and CBS News.

In 1991, she joined the film make-up and hair stylist union, I.A.T.S.E. Local 798. Her first screen success was the movie “Boomerang.” A long list of hit movies followed, from Diana Ross’s “Double Platinum,” for which Daisy produced gorgeous straight-haired wigs, to “Eve’s Bayou.” She has also worked on “The Interpreter,” “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Diary of a Mad Black Woman,” “The Manchurian Candidate,” “Sex and the City 2,” “The Last Airbenders,” “Wall Street 2,” and “Just Right,” for which she headed the hair department